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"Craig tells the truth behind those everyday chemicals and how YOU can clean up your act, all while saving thousands year after year after year..."

From the desk of Craig Mackenzie
Green living enthusiast
and creator of
April 18, 2009.

Dear friend,

For years now we have not only being poisoning our planet but also ourselves with the harsh chemicals that we use every day. Recent discoveries have revealed that these chemicals may be causing long term problems that in many cases are irreversible.

It's time for all of us to take action and eliminate these chemicals from our lifestyles. On this web site you are going to learn how to remove these chemicals from your life and how you can save money at the same time.

Hi Craig,

I agree, we surround ourselves with chemicals and many people don't see what they are actually doing to themselves and our environment. I just want to send this quick email to thank you for telling the truth behind these everyday chemicals. I have used many of your natural alternatives and they work great.

All the best,

Amanda Levett

My name is Craig Mackenzie and for the last 2 years I have devoted my time to searching for ways to live without the use of harmful chemicals. I am here today to explain how YOU can not only improve your health and help the environment, but also save a ton of money!

HOW? Its simple. All you need to do is ditch those endless bottles of "killer chemicals" and replace them with natural, SAFE alternatives (that work just as well!)

After spending years researching these common chemicals it really blows my mind when I see people at the checkout with a bunch of these chemicals in their shopping basket. I guess they just don't know what they are doing to themselves and our environment. They just don't know about the safer alternatives. Are you one of these people?

7 reasons why you need to live WITHOUT
chemicals starting right now

Save thousands every year by making your own natural alternatives. That's right, I'm going to show you how to make your own natural alternatives to all of those common household chemicals. This is going to save you thousands each and every year.
Improve your overall health. Studies have show that chemicals can cause cancers and other irreversible health problems. This is something you really shouldn't ignore.
Boost your immune system and explode your energy levels. If you find yourself always becoming ill or have low energy levels you will highly benefit from chemical free living.
Help our environment by choosing the natural alternatives. Our planet is fragile and doesn't like toxic chemicals. We can all do something about it.
You can improve water and soil quality. Your chemicals are killing our planet, together we can make a change for the better.
Become a leader within your community and spread the truth behind those chemicals and how to use natural alternatives.
You will be able to spend your savings on more important things like a family holiday or paying off your credit card.

Join the green living revolution and the thousands of people who have already eliminated killer chemicals from their homes using Zero Chemicals:

Hey Craig,

Thanks for this valuable info. It's been life changing for me and I'm sure many people will benefit from this. You have opened my eyes to what's really going on around my kitchen and home.

Ellen K.

Hi again,

I actually had never looked at the ingredients in some of the things I use around the home like soap and cleaning products until I read your guide. It's scary! You have prompted me to start making my own organic products and I must thank you for that!

Keep up the good work!


Hey Craig,

Thanks writing your guide to living green. I have learnt a lot and this is definitely a guide I will recommend to others.

Luke H

Here is a small sample of what your about
to discover from

Discover what products are killing you and your family. This is a priceless piece of information and I urge you to find out the truth.
Learn in step by step format how to make your own natural alternatives for many of the chemicals you're currently using.
Discover the secret killer that lurks in your kitchen. You wont believe the risks you face everyday!
Want to help our environment? There is MUCH more you can do as an individual and most of it is very simple.
What you don't know about health care products... Are you doing more harm than good?
Give your home the complete "Green Makeover". These tips will instantly turn your home Earth friendly.
Learn how you can save thousands every year by making your own natural alternatives. This is great for our environment and your back pocket.
and much much more!

How much can I save?

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (2007), the average household spend $611 per year in cleaning supplies. So that's over $600 in cleaning supplies alone. Add to that the cost of your homemade bathroom products, beauty products, gardening products etc. and you are looking at 1000's of dollars in savings every year.

The cost of living is getting higher by the day with no end in sight. Wages have essentially stagnated. The housing crisis is nowhere near over and everyone is looking to cut costs. On top of all that you have to fork out $1000 + per year just for your general household items like cleaning products, pest control, beauty products.. Just imagine that expense completely gone or significantly reduced.

What would you do with the extra money?..

Go on a much deserved shopping spree?
Pay off your credit card or other small debts?
Take a vacation each and every year?
Purchase a little bit of luxury like a plasma TV?
Invest in a retirement account or your child's college fund?

But remember, the savings isn't the only reason why you should eliminate chemicals from your life. There is also the great environmental impact and of coarse the huge health benefits.


It's Jason here. I started using your techniques a few months ago and I think your on to something here. My wife and I see some really good savings and we are enjoying the organic alternatives. We have already saved a few hundred dollars which will help us out a lot.

Thanks so much and keep up the good work.

Jason Vallick

Just what am I getting here?

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If you really want to do your part for our environment than I urge you to get involved today. The savings are real, the health benefits are real and you will do your part for our environment all at the same time.

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Don't think you could make money from this in your area? This type of business will work anywhere in the world because EVERYBODY prefers to use organic products over harsh chemicals that could hurt their family.

Once you get started you will see just how easy it is to make money using the secrets in the ZeroChemicals kit. It's easy and if you need a little extra cash I urge you to give this a go.


Hi Craig,

This is a fantastic guide and is money well spent! I have actually been selling some of my own products and have made the money back plus hundreds more in just a couple of weeks!

This is a great little money maker for me but the best part is that I'm helping the environment at the same time!

Talk to you soon.

Michelle Overia

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You have 60 days to put ZeroChemicals to the test and I'm sure your going to love it.

Picture yourself in 60 days from now if you don't purchase today. Your still going to be spending a fortune on products that you don't even know if the 're safe or not!

To a green healthy future,

Craig Mackenzie.
Green living enthusiast and
creator of

P.S. Remember, when you purchase ZeroChemicals you also obtain the rights to make and resell your own organic products for a profit using the steps outlined in the guides. This is a great way to make an extra income and it's also great for our planet.

P.P.S. This information is not available anywhere else online or in book stores. is the only place where we reveal the truth behind your household chemicals and how you can eliminate them from your life. Order here with our discount.

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